Spring 2014 Seminar Series


Open to all students, faculty, staff and public!
Instructors: Consider offering students opportunity to attend. Proof of attendance provided.


Tu, Jan 28                   3:15-4:00 PM               Melbourne campus 7-114

Lindsey Fletcher, Chemical Engineer, ENSCO
Chemical engineering.


Tu, Feb 18                    3:15-4:00 PM              Melbourne campus 7-114

Erica Caballero, Senior Systems Engineer, Zel Technologies
Systems engineering.


Tu, Mar 18                 3:15-4:00 PM               Melbourne campus 7-114

Eileen Corelli, Senior Scientist, ENSCO
Computational mathematics modeling.


Tu, Apr 15                  3:15-4:00 PM               Melbourne campus 7-114

Jody Palmer, Oyster Restoration Project Coordinator, Brevard Zoo
Environmental restoration.

Speakers will present their research and accomplishments in science and engineering, the path that led to their career, and advice for students pursuing careers in science and engineering.


Workshop: “Finding your career” 

Th, Apr 10                  3:30-5:00 PM               Melbourne campus 7-114

Luke Roberson, President and Founder, Vaulted Technologies
Exploring career options in STEM fields and creating STEM resumes.


For more information, contact Dr. Ashley Spring at spring-beerenssona@easternflorida.edu or 433-5935.


The Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) program at Eastern Florida       State College is committed to the recruitment, retention, and advancement     of under-represented groups pursuing careers in science and engineering. WiSE is open to all students.