If writing assignments in your class is a source of frustration and disappointment, you are invited to attend our session at the upcoming EFSC Success Conference: Non-Writing Teachers Teaching Writing. We understand that it can be difficult to design assignments that both challenge student communication skills and fulfill objectives for your course.

• What is expected (of you and students) when you design a writing assignment?
• How do you grade a writing assignment when you do not teach writing skills?
• Must the paper be a research paper?
• Are you responsible for teaching MLA or APA format to your students?
• Where can you and students go for help with writing/research issues?

I am sure you may have asked one or all of these questions at some point, you are encouraged to attend; we want to engage in productive discussion and provide you with a few tools that we hope will help you create valuable writing projects for you and your students.

Registration can be completed via the links provided in the News You Can Use emails (accessible in the alphabetical list of Web-Based Applications within the Faculty & Staff tab of the EFSC home page): http://web11.easternflorida.edu/notification/notificationusersearch.cfm?CFID=1453821&CFTOKEN=53808532

We look forward to seeing you on the 11th,
Sharon Cronk-Raby (Melbourne Writing Center Coordinator) and
Carol Harvest (Cocoa Writing Center Coordinator)