Contributed by:
Steven Londe
Learning Specialist in Math for OSD Students
EFSC Titusville Campus

I want to share with you the value of “The Math Emporium,” which has been created by Virginia Tech. The article where I first encountered the concept is “The Math Emporium: Higher Education’s Silver Bullet” by Carol A. Twigg in the May-June Issue in 2011 within Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning. Please take a close look at the success that many learners have experienced. Working on their own with facilitators and tutors is a great concept. Not only self-paced but with five others in a circle, each student having a computer and being able to work with one another, is a great advantage. Isn’t student centered learning all about student success?

The 21st Century is one of concern to engage the learner. In addition, the faculty and the staff are now advisors. No longer do we have teachers standing on their podiums. The future is now. My hope is to see improvement in student-centered learning.

Here is the link to the article:

Or you can go to, go into the archives and bring up the May-June 2011 issue.