alicia-springAlicia Spring, Ph.D., World Religions instructor on the Melbourne Campus, has earned a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis. Dr. Spring is also an ordained clergy in the United Church of Christ. An EFSC faculty member since 2010, Dr. Spring teaches World Religions on campus and online and also teaches Community Involvement. Her dissertation focused on using contemplative pedagogy in the college classroom to help students integrate academic study with personal meaning. “Service learning here at EFSC is a good example of a contemplative pedagogy,” said Dr. Spring. “Other activities I’ve used in the classroom are meditation, designing a personal mandala and practicing a day of Sabbath (24 hours without electronics and technology). Contemplative practices are believed to build student attention and comprehension, making the class material more relevant and practical to real life experience. Completing my dissertation was as difficult as I anticipated, but I learned so much in the process.”